Johnson City Promotes Motorcycling

While many cities in East Tennessee benefit from the region's global popularity among motorcyclists, they don't usually welcome riders with open arms. Particularly those riders looking for curvy roads. But Johnson City recently launched a slick website that touts the area's great motorcycle routes, boldly declaring, "if you want to ride, come to Johnson City."

The site,, provides information about each ride, along with directions; it was developed with the Tri-Cities Harley Owners Group (HOG) Chapter.

"We worked with our local HOG chapter to create a series of rides that motorcyclists will enjoy, where they can often learn about the area and explore its history, while at the same time challenge their skills and abilities on fun, scenic rides," says Brenda Whitson, executive director for the Johnson City Convention and Visitors Bureau. "And, of course, for those who want to explore the area on four wheels instead of two, these drives are also enjoyable, scenic and educational from the car as well."

The website claims, "If you like straight, easy roads, this is probably NOT your kind of place..." And with names like "The Snake" and "8th Wonder of the World," the 12 featured routes sound promising, varying in length, theme, and ability level.