I just picked up my copy of Handlebars from Colboch Harley-Davidson here in Morristown, sat down, and read all the comments that readers have voiced in—complaints and kudos about the mag. Okay, I have to say I do miss the glossy cover, so it's now changed to what it is. BFD! When you look in the upper left-hand corner on the front cover magazine, it says what? FREE! No one twists anyone's arm and/or forces anyone to pick it up and read it: We do that by choice.

There are those that don't like the changes and those that do; this is what is known in this county as "The opportunity to agree to disagree." I have been riding myself for over 41 years, and yes, I have ridden everything from Hondas, to Sears and Roebuck Cushmans, to Kawasakis, to now a Harley-Davidson. Diversity is the spice of life. I have to agree with Goat: it should NOT be about what you ride, but THAT you ride.

There are things about the new magazine that I for one don't like and things I do... bottom line here, people: You can't please everyone! I read this magazine and others that are out there to be had (and, yes, the FREE ones), so I can be as informed as to what is going on in our area—where the rallies, memorial rides, and benefit rides are at. I also like seeing who is doing what, and things like the "555." I guess when it comes right down to it, we all like what we like, and change is sometimes hard to accept, but change can be a good thing. It's like what I have heard from my wife say for a long time now, "You have to look hard at a person (or in this case, a magazine) to see they are doing the best they can in time allotted."

The one thing I would like to see in Handlebars is coverage from time to time on the military and those that ride. We have a tendency to forget those that are here and abroad that keep this county free and safe. You all do what you have to do to be as successful as you can, and those that like "FREE" will continue to pick it up wherever and whenever we can.

Michael Jacobs, USAF, Ret., Morristown, TN