Why Not?

I left Chicago Saturday for a one-day instructor class (Sunday) down in Champaign, Ill. by Lee Parks. I told my kids I'd be back Monday. I packed for two nights. Monday I got on my bike, thought to myself, "Hey, I'm already three hours south of Chicago" and instead of taking my day-ride back home, I kept going south.

When I arrived in Kentucky that night I called my kids and informed them that I'm in Kentucky and don't know when I'll be back. Daughter (28) started whining about something with her brother (24) and I let them both know, "Hey, I ran away from this—figure it out!"

I went to Knoxville, Tenn. next and contacted a nice group of ladies. I spent three days there, then went on to South Carolina after getting my free oil change at Mountain Motorsports that I got at Quaker Steak. Turns out that I met a Chicago friend at the same friend's house in South Carolina. We spent the weekend there (4th of July) then left before overstaying a welcome. Next we hit Pigeon Forge, Nashville, then Memphis. (Tennessee is huge!)

I wanted some more states so we took backroad through Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. My friend started missing his dog, so we headed back north. I must say that it was a VERY slow ride because we didn't want to go home. After passing through Missouri, we arrived back home 11 days later.

It amazes me how many people want to tell those of us on bikes their entire life stories! I met a lot of interesting people. I found a great BBQ place in Missouri (don't know where), but when I asked the recommender the name, his answer was, "It has no name, Ma'am. BBQ this good don't need no name." I pulled up—no sign, no name, but the owner came, sat down with me, and listened to me rave about his great food.

I came home to all the stuff still on the counter that I left there 11 days ago, and the rotten food left in the fridge. I think I need to go again, so I sat down with a map tonight and I'm thinking, "Go west woman!" Running away is way more fun than I ever realized; anyone want to run with me? I don't have to return to my school teacher job until the end of August.

T.U.R.D. (tank up, rubber down)

Judy in Chicago, MSF Instructor, UIUC

P.S.: If anyone ever tells you they're spontaneous, you now have a point of comparison.