What's All the Fuss About?

Until I picked up the March issue of Handlebars I didn't know there was a controversy over the mag. If I understand correctly, there are people out there who actually believe that the world revolves around Harley-Davidson. I'll admit that I'd like to own a Harley, there are a lot of riders who ride Asian bikes that would like to also (whether they'll admit it or not). I've been riding several years now, and no, I don't know how many. I've known people who owned Asian or British bikes that would love to have a Harley, I've known Victory and Indian owners who weren't satisfied because it wasn't a Harley, and I've even known some people who traded their Harleys for an Asian bike and said they'd never own a Harley again. (Shocker, right?) I don't personally own a Harley because I'll never afford one.

Anyway, what this whole thing boils down to as far as I'm concerned can be answered with a few questions. Is Deal's Gap any more or less thrilling if you're on a Fat-Boy? Is the Blue Ridge parkway and more or less beautiful if you're on a Shadow? Is the open road any more or less exciting and dangerous with cars whizzing by if you're on a Triumph?

Anybody out there on two or three wheels is taking the same chance and getting the same exhilaration that I am on my Vulcan 88. Once you ride, no matter what you ride, you understand, and no particular make or model can change that.

Good luck and best wishes with the new Handlebars. I'll keep readin' and ridin' even if someone else doesn't like my bike.

Ted Butler, Corryton, Tenn.