"What a Change"

Just a few comments on the new version of Handlebars.

What a change, and a good one, at that. No more endless pages of leering Bike Night drunks, for starters. Some really good story content, for a change. I am pleased and I hope that the new format finds success.

The earlier version of the magazine was to me, little more than lining for bird cages or to wrap garbage. I am amazed that it stayed around that long.

One of your writers, Russ Townsend, several years back came by our BMW rally in Newport to do a story, which was then rejected as content for the magazine by the prior editor. Guess it didn't have enough flash and eye appeal then as a did a page full of cleavage and bike night drunks.

In the new format, the mix of articles, ranging from scooters to vintage stuff, new stuff, dirt and street, and womens' views on motorcycling should attract a wide audience of readers.

Best wishes and keep up the good work!

Phil Daulton, Past President, BMW Riders of Knoxville