Taking the Scenic Routes

First of all, I would like to thank Fred Sahms and Russ Townsend for their "Backroads and Byways" articles in the Handlebars newspaper. I always look forward to seeing what trip they have in store for me. I am tearing them out and collecting them for my riding group's future rides. Thank you for doing the "leg work" and for putting these nice rides down on paper for us. I appreciate the fact you include approximate length of trip, mileage, points of interest, and recommended eating establishments.

I did not obtain a January issue and would like to get my hands on the "route" you had in that issue. How can I go about getting a copy of your article?

Shawn Yerger, (proud female owner of my first bike at 45 years old!!!!)

We actually skipped the January issue in order to complete the redesign of the publication. But you can access our Backroads and Byways archive at fromthehandlebars.com—just click on "Ride Routes." In fact, you can find all of our content at the website. And if you can't find a print edition on the racks or lost a back issue, you can see digital versions of each issue by clicking on "Print Edition" in the nav bar. Plus, if you have photos of events, rides, or bike nights that you'd like to share with our readers, e-mail them to us at editor@fromthehandlebars.com, and we'll post them on the site.