Radio Talk

It is obvious that one radio station cannot satisfy all the listeners with various demands and tastes. But one can do better that WUOT. ["No Static At All?" by Chris Barrett, Oct. 22, 2009] I have nothing against classical music, but not all day long every day. Classical music lovers have no one else to turn to? What about people who want to hear news and analysis, meaningful conversations worth listening to? I guess we can go to WNOX and enjoy Savage and Limbaugh. Right?

The actual radio is about the only place where I can get NPR, as my employer, shall we say, discourages streaming media not related to work. My wife's company downright blocks it. I am completely not up to speed on HD radio—which button should I push on my car radio to get it? Didn't think so. Please, another hour of talk radio in the morning or afternoon—is that too much to ask? There are records of classical music one can listen to any time, but what about things like Democracy Now?

Were it not for WETS in Johnson City, I wouldn't even know about this show. So, I am sorry, but my money is going to WETS (and WUTK, the best radio in K-town).

Yuri Zuev