An Old Rider "Rambles"

I enjoy the new format of Handlebars. There is more to motorcycling than going to biker bars every night of the week. Been around motorcycles and riding since 1962. Have rode or owned about all makes and sizes of bikes. Early bikes you had to carry a tool box with you—things broke and stuff fell off. Then Honda came and they lasted with very little work. All European bikes—early '60s and '70s—were junk except BMW, but no dealer was here and you couldn't afford one anyway. Never liked Harleys when I was young—only "rough" people rode them. That has changed a lot; maybe the Harley riders grew up some.

I ride older Japanese bikes; they are cheap and last if rode right. The fun is in the riding, not what brand. I never buy new, learned that lesson years ago. Dealerships here are like they used to be—all they want to do is sell new bikes. Service comes second. And do not take a bike to them that is more than three years old.

Hope I can keep riding until I'm old and gray. These motorcycles will keep you young. Keep up the good work on the magazine and wish you the best in this adventure. There are lots of riders out here like me that just enjoy the freedom of riding. This country does not need to get like Europe where you have to get a special license to ride different sizes of motorcycles. Well, enough ramblings of an old rider. "Keep it in the wind."

Fred Hart, Strawberry Plains, Tenn.