The new format is great!

I had stopped even looking at this rag, until I saw the 555 on the front. That caught my eye! "Vintage Honda's on the cover?! This is something is different!"

I, too, had grown tired of the bar photos of "obese tattooed HD riders" and biker wannabees on TT bikes (a TT bike, as one of my Harley Davidson friends has informed me, is only good to go from tavern to tavern).

As far as I'm concerned, you can get rid of the bike night photos entirely. In my opinion, they don't add anything.

I am completely over the bobber / chopper fad where vintage bikes are butchered into something unridable. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's "art." I don't get Picasso or Warhol either.

And thank you for finally including some off-road stuff other than Arenacross.

Mr. Gracy seemed to focus on a very small part of the motorcycling community, and even then it sometimes seemed to veer away from motorcycles and lean more toward tattoos. They needed to change the name to "Tattoos and Taverns."

From what I've seen, the new format is truly much better!

Skip Davis, Knoxville

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