"I must say, 'What a joke!' "

I am writing to express my disappointment in the "new and improved" Handlebars Magazine. As a long time reader, I must say "What a joke!" This month's magazine will be the last one I pick up. Randy Gracy did a great job with it in the past, most of us in this community came to know Randy as the face of Handlebars, and as I understand it, he's not even involved with Handlebars anymore! (And not by his own choice, I am told.) How sad!

I have heard that most of your advertisers are not going to be advertising with you anymore... the magazine will fail, and you will see what a poor business decision you have made. I hope Randy and some of his buds start up another new biker magazine, and surely, they will succeed. Randy is very well-respected in the biker community. None of us even know who you are!

I am an educated busines [sic] person who also happens to be a biker... and I also so happened to have worked in a director-level position in the newspaper business prior to moving the [sic] Knoxville in 2007. So I have to ponder, how in the world DID y'all make this decision to purchase your own rope, hang it up, and tie the knot that will hang your very own publication??

Lisa Van Triker , Knoxville