Steve Gilkey Bought his Krauser New, Made it New Again

Original Bike:

1977 BMW R100/7

Where did you get the bike?

Bought it from best buddy and college roommate long ago. He bought it new with a student loan: Thanks Jimmy Carter.

What parts have been added to the bike over the years?

It has about three parts left that are original. The frame is fully braced and has a Marzocchi fork from a Ducati 900SS. About the only part left of the original motor are the cases as it runs Krauser four-valve heads and Cosworth pistons—overbored to 1050. Those wheels are magnesium EPMs and the ignition is a Lucas Rita... and on it goes. Even the transmission is a police version so that it would have a spot for a kicker. Good luck using it because the frame brace blocks it off.

What goal did you have in mind with this project?

This thing was originally built to race in the AMA Championship Cup series in about 1984 and due to broken bones and drained bank accounts it never made it to the track. After 20 years of sitting in my shed, I added wiring and an electric starter and so forth so that I could ride it on the street. It works well for an old bike and does have decent power. The heads allow use of modern watered-down gas even with 11:5 to 1 compression

Have you ever thought of prettying it up with a new paint job?

No, they are only "original" once.

What do you like most about it, compared to your other bikes?

It's rare to see another Krauser BMW that is actually ridden. Most of them are tucked away.