Getting Involved With Handlebars

As much as we like putting together Handlebars, we'd like your help to make it an even better monthly read. And we've got a couple of options for you:

• A couple of issues ago, we debuted The Long Way, a column which featured Rich Gardner's account of his road trip to Massachusetts on a Ninja 250. We were hoping this would spark reader interest in contributing your own tales from the road. Long-distance touring always results in unexpected adventures and mishaps, and they're stories meant to be shared. Let us know where you've been and what you've seen—I'm sure you've got some stories worth telling.

• In this issue, we're testing out another new column you can contribute to, My Bike. It's pretty simple: If you own a motorcycle with an interesting story behind it, tell it to our readers. Maybe it's been one you've been chasing after for years (like the story in this issue, which happens to be about my Hawk GT). Or maybe it's a bike you've carefully restored—or not. Or one you've modded far beyond its original specs. Tell us about it!

• If you've got photos from rides, rallies, bike nights, or trips, send 'em in. Each month, we try to print a variety of photos in our Bike Pics section, but we just don't have the staff to check out every worthy moto event or gathering. So if you'd like to see more photos of your riding events in Handlebars, please give us a hand.

As always, you can e-mail your queries, suggestions, or stories to:

Meanwhile, in this issue, we're also kicking off a new budget-bikes column, Mashed-Potato Motorbikes by Ryan Carden. It'll be profiling used bikes for the common rider's soul—and show you how to ride well with a budget of $2,500 or less.