Metro Pulse Gift Guide for the Fearless Foodie Gal in Your Life

Fearless Foodie

She’s the lady who lunches, snacks, sips, and brunches. She prefers cookbooks to romance novels, Emeril to Brad Pitt, and enjoys good chocolate more than... bad chocolate. Pot roast from a pouch? Six-packs of pre-mixed pina coladas? Store-bought Chex Mix and Rice Krispie treats? Not on her watch. Reward her dedication to providing top tastes for your happy band with some truly inspirational ingredients and gadgets—or a meal so fancy she’ll be happy to hang up her apron for an evening.

Gourmet's Market gift basket

Gourmet Gift Baskets

GOURMET'S MARKET 5107 Kingston Pike at Mohican St., 584-8739,

Gourmet’s Market packs baskets for serious cooks and serious eaters, and they’ll do justice to most any theme, from cocktail party to office to beer lover’s. You can browse the aisles for a DIY basket, too—balsamic vinegars corked in Italy, artisan cheeses, multiple Walker shortbread varieties, capers, English toffee, and cordial cherries are merely a sample. And the chocolate choices are expansive: white, dark, organic, Belgian, Swiss, Endangered Species... It would be kind to create one basket to give, one to keep.

Mast General Store vanilla

Perpetual Vanilla $8.49

MAST GENERAL STORE 402 S Gay St., 546-1336,

Bake on! This practically magic little bottle contains organic vanilla beans from Madagascar, and the cook has only to keep them submerged in vodka or rum for them to produce quality vanilla extract for years to come.

Nostalgia apron

Vintage Apron $32

NOSTALGIA 5214 Homberg Dr., 584-0832,

Make a bright and beautiful statement while you protect her church dress from biscuit flour and bacon grease—or her jeans from the pesto and merlot. So chic, so unique—who could cut these apron strings?

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Whiskey Gift Set $47

TODDY'S PACKAGE STORE 4821 Kingston Pike, 584-0577

This liter of Lynchburg, Tenn.’s finest and set of two glasses pretty much guarantees a successful tailgate, New Year’s Eve party, encounter with your fiance’s ex, or toast to triumphing over another Monday at work. And the true gourmet will tell you, Jack belongs in all the best marinades and barbecue sauces, too.

The Orangery gift certificate

Gift Certificate to the Orangery

THE ORANGERY RESTAURANT 5412 Kingston Pike, 588-2964,

You say your discriminating gourmet has a touch of, ahem, the food snob about her? The Orangery will not fail to impress, with its classic French leanings and inspired international cuisine. And wait till she gets a look at the wine list, which earned Wine Spectator’s Best of Excellence Award. Enjoy!

Mckay cookbooks

Pre-loved Cookbooks

MCKAY USED BOOKS AND CDs 230 Papermill Place Way, 588-0331,

Pick up basic baking books to vintage one-of-a-kind finds from the vast array on the McKay cookbook shelves. Sure, you’ll save some dollars on the tried-and-true Wolfgang Puck and Moosewood cookbooks, when you can find them. But more importantly, where else are you going to find treasures like The Gone With the Wind Cookbook? This is one case where the shopping is truly half the fun.

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