Metro Pulse Gift Guide for the Family Gal in Your Life

Family Gal

Familiar is one thing, but your mom—or wife, sister, aunt, step-grandmother twice removed—is not boring, and her gifts shouldn’t be, either. Choose something lovely that reflects her nurturing side, and don’t forget to inspire some new energy in the old family routine. High time you were the most popular when the wrapping comes off. With this cheat sheet, it could happen, even if you are the middle child.

Clarence Brown Theatre

Season Tickets to the Clarence Brown Theatre

CLARENCE BROWN THEATRE 206 McClung Tower, University of Tennessee, 974-5161,

A whole year of luxurious date nights is perfect for mom or your bride (of however many years!) The shows are pro-quality, the theater mid-size but still intimate, and the repertoire varied, from Broadway musicals to Shakespeare pieces to French farce. Those on the stage include faculty, students, and professional guest artists. And you can still get in on the 2009 portion of the 2008-2009 season, with 7-, 4- and Pick-5 show alternatives to full-fledged membership in the Clarence Brown Theatre Society. Four-show packages start at $84 for adults; student, senior discounts available for all packages.

Sally's Alley tunic

Silver Sequin Tunic and Sequin Tassle Purse

SALLY'S ALLEY 8203 Chapman Hwy., 609-0480

Your lovely--and much-loved--lady can dress up with the best, but you won’t have to spend next year’s fortune for a New Year’s Eve outfit because this swank number comes from Sally’s Alley. It’s an overstock from a major city department store; their inventory loss, your fine find. Pair it with a Studio 803 silver sequin tassle purse from the same high-fashion, reasonable cost source, or give the purse to someone else. It’ll sparkle up jeans and a t-shirt, no special occasion required. Tunic, $29, purse, $24.

Bearden District

Shopping Spree at the District


Turn the old adage about “the gift of time” being best to your advantage and enjoy a shopping trip with a family member to the District at Bearden. Even if you just browse, it’s fun parking the car and traipsing through home interior, antique and gourmet stores, hip boutiques, an art gallery—all within a couple of blocks of each other. Finish up your time together with luscious meal, or just a tasty cupcake for two. It’s time spent together, and all the better if you find a tangible gift for her along the way.

Michelle Samples massage

Massage By Michelle Gift Certificate

MICHELLE SAMPLES 6711 Kingston Pike at Yucatan Spa, 806-0356

What woman in your family wouldn’t be delighted with a soothing massage? Not possible. Licensed and board-certified massage therapist Michelle Samples has 23 years experience (not to mention an M.A. in public health), so she can make even first-timers feel comfortable. Possibilities include therapeutic massage, reflexology, or the magical healing of hot-stone therapy.

M.S. McClellan burberry jacket

Trench Style or Quilted Red Burberry Jackets

M.S. MCCLELLAN & CO. 5614 Kingston Pike #3, 584-3492,

This is a classic gift, good for every woman of taste on your list, from your college-bound niece to your career-minded sister. Burberry jackets are “put it on every day” wear in Knoxville’s typically mild, often rainy weather—lightweight but tailored. The trench style features button-out lining for extra warmth, the quilted jacket has a buckle cuff detail.

Smoke Pit cigars

CAO Flavours Petite Corona Sampler $16.39

SMOKE PIT CIGARS 7316 Norris Fwy., 922-0951,

How about a relaxing night out for mom and her friends, maybe a nice meal followed by puffing some of these short and sweeties? These top-notch flavored cigars are subtle and mellow, with flavors like Bella Vanilla and Irish Cream and white chocolate truffles. Guys shouldn’t have all the fun.

Bliss earrings

Bliss Earrings $20

BLISS 24 Market Square, 389-8868,

Remind the family gal to treat herself well, too, with these beautiful glass ear bobs hand-crafted by Barbara Mellen, with sterling silver wires. It’s not just any glass, either—this is dichroic, clear or black glass with an advanced technology coating that appears to reverse color between reflected and transmitted light. Remind yourself to take her somewhere for New Year’s so she can show them off, even if you both wear jeans.

Stuff those stockings

  • Tickets to Dec. 26-28 showings of The Sound of Music at the Tennessee Theatre, $5 (
  • Redken Color Extend Shampoo, $12, Salon Euphoria, 966-5700