Metro Pulse Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Bohemian Lady in Your Life

Outdoorsy Bohemian

Recycle, reuse, breathe deep—that’s this woman’s daily mantra (when she’s not chanting her real mantra at a yoga class). Tickle her green fancy with organic, nature-friendly goods, and reinforce her, “How about a nice gulp of fresh air?” tendencies with some high-quality outdoor gear. And relax. Anything she can’t use, she can happily re-gift—for her, that’s a virtuous practice.

Rolf Lanz pullover

Arc’teryx Delta Zip Pullover $99

ROLF LANZ SKI & OUTDOORS 839 Ray Mears Blvd., 690-3200,

One of those women who would really love to conserve energy but it feels so darn cold with the thermostat set at 68 will love this snug-but-flexible Polartec Thermal Pro jacket. It blocks the cold as a base- or mid-layer and comes in all kinds of colors. And the gusseted underarms mean no riding up when your outdoorsy woman is reaching for firewood, climbing a rock, or sussing down a powdery slope.

Planet XChange bag

Planet Xchange Designer Bag $16

PLANET XCHANGE 7240 Kingston Pike, 212-9779,

You’ll save the big bucks while your greenie feels good about reusing the earth’s resources with a designer handbag from the high-end second-hand store, Planet Xchange. Never, ever, equate “kind to the environment” with “unfashionable” again. Posh.

Green Earth Emporium necklace

Tree Necklace $80

GREEN EARTH EMPORIUM 4481 Kingston Pike (new address), 588-9882

Fairly shimmering with life, these tree necklaces are sterling silver and handcrafted by regional artisan Frank Dunnington. He uses a file, not a laser, to etch a tree on each medallion, which means each one is slightly different, just like the real forest.

New Balance shoes

New Balance Shoes: Just for Ladies $100-$125

NEW BALANCE KNOXVILLE 8027-F Kingston Pike (Suburban Plaza), 539-1100,

Whether she’s training for a marathon or jogging behind a stroller (or combining the two activities), these New Balance PL-1 Lasted running shoes (models 1063 and 769) have just been introduced—and they’re designed specifically for female athletes. Advances include a better fit through the instep and arch, and a higher, narrower heel that allows for a more precise fit for the female foot. Bring her by for a custom fitting.

Fountain City Pedaler jacket

Ladies Sugoi “Versa” Jacket $115

FOUNTAIN CITY PEDALER 620 Old Broadway, Suite 102, 357-1580,

Biking, bundling up, sailing away—this is the outer garment for the everyday adventure woman. It folds up small for easy traveling, the sleeves come off to make a vest, the back is cooling mesh, and it’s made of reflective material with a fleece collar. Oh, yeah, and it resists both wind and water. So go outside and play, already.

Bar Denim Blues scarf

Bar Denim Blues Scarf $79

BAR DENIM BLUES 5508 Kingston Pike, 330-2583,

Be cool, stay warm with an oversize Love Quotes cobalt scarf selected by the trendsetters at Bar Denim, accompanied by the quote, “What comes from the heart goes to the heart” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. And be of good cheer while you pick up this stylish non-electric throat warmer—the store is set up like a bar/boutique, and the atmosphere (not to mention a spirited beverage) is bound to sooth your jangled (or is that jingled?) holiday nerves.

ReDistilled Local Music Collection $10

DISC EXCHANGE 2615 Chapman Hwy., 573-5710, Visit the Disc Exchange web site

What greenie wouldn’t like a title with “Re” in it? WUTK station manager Benny Smith conceived the ReDistilled CD as a means of promoting local music while celebrating the station’s 25 years on the air—not to mention raising a little extra money for a station perennially strapped for cash. A year in the making, ReDistilled features 17 local artists from today covering songs from 17 artists from years past. Get to love acts like R.B. Morris, the recently reunited Superdrag, the Immortal Chorus, the Tenderhooks, Scott Miller, Angel and the Lovemongers, Todd Steed, the V-Roys, Sea 7 States, Smokin’ Dave and the Premo Dopes all over again, or introduce a new generation to the sounds of Knoxville.

Stuff those stockings

19” x 15” Popsicle Ice Cream people organic grocery bag, $28, Yee-Haw Industries (