Valentine's Day Gift Guide

"How Do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, but on Valentine’s Day you can bet your loved one will be doing the tallying. Simply adored? Passionately lusted after? Affectionately tolerated? There’s a gift for that... just get in touch with your feelings (really plunge, guys, think of it as reaching for the last can of beer from the icy bucket), then see which one of these descriptions/sonnet lines matches them best. Next to the description is a gift idea, hand-selected, bound-to-be-perfect, and not-so-coincidentally, available right here in Knoxville. Just a few simple steps and the dreaded, er, long anticipated lover’s day is all taken care of. Read the Metro Pulse Valentine's Day Gift Guide >>

Metro Pulse Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

Local Gift Ideas for the Women (and Girls) in Your Life

Hoping, just once, to hear something besides, “Oh, it’s a... present... to me...” when your favorite lady opens her gift? This could be your year—our list of frankly female gift options defies your girlfriend to set aside Dec. 26 to make returns, dares your mother to request a charity donation for next year, and even invites your grandmother to display your gift year ’round, not just when she hears you pulling into the driveway. Best of all, our über-picks all come from local stores, so go Knoxville! To begin, check out our not-at-all subtle hints to determine which of five types of female gift recipients you’re shopping for, from the free-spirited Outdoorsy Bohemian to the “ooh, name brand” Pampered Princess. Then page down for direct-hit gift ideas in each category, and prepare to be popular when the wrapping comes off! Read the Metro Pulse Holiday Gift Guides >>

Metro Pulse Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

Local Gift Ideas for the Men (and Boys) in Your Life

Please, no more neckties. Or superstore gift certificates that’ll be cashed in for socks and laundry soap. And disassociate yourself from the fast-access DSL for a couple of days, because Metro Pulse is gonna show you how to buy great gifts for the fellows in your life—fun gifts, ones a guy will actually want and use—without a single Internet connection, and without leaving town. To make it even simpler, we’ve profiled all the likely suspects, from Fearless Foodies to that City Slicker on the “good boy” list. Soon as you recognize your guy, you’ll know what to buy for him and where to get it right here in town. Read the Metro Pulse Holiday Gift Guides >>