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Metro Pulse staff work throughout the year to provide in-depth coverage of Really Good Things to Know About Knoxville. How to be a good and happy cyclist in town? Got you covered. Want to give your dollars to local holistic health providers in town? We'll point you in the right direction. We've collected our Guides to Knoxville in one place for easy perusal.

Best of Knoxville: 2014

We may kid about "20 Years of Glamour," but let's recall the Knoxville of 1994, when the Best of Knoxville was launched—a time when our city was the Southeast's underdog. Downtown was pretty much a wasteland after 6 p.m.—even our one repository of bohemia on Market Square, the Snakesnatch Lodge, had closed. Outside of downtown, chain stores and restaurants dominated the landscape, and people seemed to take comfort in being just like most other places. In that inaugural Best of Knoxville, some of the winners included Hooter's, Circuit City, and McDonald's. But even back then we had proud-to-be-local originals who won the hearts of Knoxvillians right from the start: Tomato Head, the Disc Exchange, Litton's, Bike Zoo, and several others. They were places you could not find elsewhere—and now, 20 years later, there are many more local icons that help define the city we live in. Today, Knoxville has finally become its own distinctive place, again—and our Best of Knoxville celebrates all the people, businesses, and institutions that have made us a destination worth traveling to. To all the winners, congratulations—and thank you.
—Coury Turczyn, editor

This is it: The one true Best of Knoxville. Read more and see the winners >>

Touring Knoxville's Neighborhoods

Photographer Shawn Poynter discovers local color that's uniquely Knoxvillian, while Jack Neely provides a historical sketch of each neighborhood. Tour the neighborhoods »

Bike Power: A quick ride through Knoxville's bicycle universe

May is National Bike Month, and Metro Pulse is celebrating by giving over most of this issue to bikes and bicyclists. Meet Kelley Segars, your regional transportation planner and bicycling advocate. Meet Elle Colquitt and Jon Livengood, who have sniffed out the best bike routes around Knoxville ... and share their favorites here. Get some air with Corey McPherson, closet BMX-er and ace photographer (and Metro Pulse designer). And meet your many fellow bicyclists and local bike-sellers through our handy list of bicyclists' resources—everything from off-road routes to clubs to shops to upcoming events to rules of the road. Read the Metro Pulse Bike Guide >>

PEP! The Knoxville-Area Health Guide 2011

Want to start feeling healthier but don't know where to start? Or are you a gym veteran who wants to take it up a notch? Find out what services the Knoxville area has to offer you for Holistic Health, Eating Well, Fitness & Feeling Good, and Mental Health. Read PEP!—the Metro Pulse Good-Health Guide >>


Written and edited by local riders, Handlebars covers the full range of motorcycling: touring, sport, cruisers, vintage, dirt, and more. We'll tell you about the people, places, and events that make the area's motorcycle scenes so unique, and we'll give you the scoop on interesting new bikes coming onto the market. Handlebars aims to bring you the best of East Tennessee motorcycling. Check out >>