Smoky Mist Gardens—Cheryl Morgan

The occasional handcrafted wool item or jams, jellies, or jars of chow chow made from the last of summer's green tomatoes do make it onto Cheryl Morgan's Etsy site, but most of what she proffers is the product of a green thumb: fresh seeds and plants from her garden. Her first love is sedum, and in the past eight years she's purchased or traded, then cultivated, 125 named varieties in her own collection—some from as far away as Germany. "I'm never happy with just one variety of a plant, I must have more!" she says. She offers at least 30 sedums through the Etsy shop. "I'm at the mercy of the weather as my greenhouse is not a heated one, so I have to wait like Mother Nature does for the natural process to happen," says the single mother of two, who lives in Seymour. She's also offering daylilies for the first time this year, though her home garden has long been a source of named varieties such as the Meet Joe Black Double Fan Petit pictured here with its 5 1/2" blooms. "The daylilies are coming up like crazy," says Morgan—she'll ship after the last frost date in April. The author of a monthly page in Tennessee Gardener magazine, Morgan says, "My love of gardening was passed down to me from my mother, and to her, from her mother. It is my passion, and it brings me great joy to sink my hands into the soil."