New Eve Jewelry—Megan Craig

A glimpse at a local handcrafter who plies her wares on Etsy

Megan Craig has been making jewelry for eight years, and says her latest venture, an Etsy shop begun in November, came out of a desire to repurpose vintage bits into beautiful, modern jewelry. "Just as God makes beautiful things out of our broken lives, I use ethically-sourced metal and chain, and organic semi-precious gems and crystals to make beauty out of destruction," she says. Each design is unique and reflective of Craig's experience, like the necklace pictured that includes a vintage silver dreamcatcher charm, feather charm, and an Israeli shell from Craig's travels—she studied Hebrew at Ohio State before moving to Knoxville. "It's a hippie's dream," she quips. Along with avoiding cheaply mined stones from companies that abuse workers, Craig donates 10 percent of her income to the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission—regardless of her final profit. Her favorite design? "This long vintage key necklace," she says. "I wear mine almost every day!"