Konane Wildcrafted Designs

A glimpse of a local handcrafter who plies her wares on Etsy


There's a liberal dose of free spirit in each one-of-a-kind creation from Callie Konane Rickards, who asserts herself as a descendant of King Kaumuali'i of Kauai; she spent her formative years in Southwest Texas and was schooled in textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design. Konane Wildcrafted Designs showcases her hand-dyed, reflective, no-two-alike leggings (some of them "tribe"); machine knit dresses that manage to be mod and earthy all at once; and whatever tops, shrugs, and hand-crocheted hats strike her fancy. None of it's "typical," but a representative piece could be her Femme rasta lace and cut-out tube top, with a solid jersey knit back—or, she encourages, just turn the whole thing around and wear the lace and velvet cut-outs in the back. On a more practical note, but still steeped in Konane personality, is the handmade adult hammock swing she fabricates from repurposed seat belt. It's super strong, made to seat up to 250 pounds, and available in an array of rainbow colors, combos, and stripes—though to no one's surprise Callie's first suggestion is neon pink—and she considers it highly suitable for an office chair.