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Island Home makes the list

by Matt Edens

I have to admit, I was taken by surprise a while back when a realtor friend from South Knoxville emailed to ask: â“Whereâ’s the love for Island Home?â” It all started, apparently, when a neighbor commented that, while I do write up homes for sale in Island Home, when mentioning center city neighborhoods in general, Island Home doesnâ’t make what she referred to as my â“comma list.â” This is the list of neighborhoods Iâ’ll recite, almost by rote, as in: â“The ongoing rejuvenation of neighborhoods like 4th and Gill, Old North Knoxville, Oakwood/Lincoln Park, and Parkridge.â”

Iâ’ll admit, those four â’hoods are sort of my â“default settingâ” when I need to rattle off a few names. But Iâ’ll also let you in on a secret: Itâ’s mostly so I can name-drop the last two alongside the first two, so that eventually people will equate all four in their minds. Call it a subliminal attempt to frame the discussion. Or call it propaganda. Either way, at the end of the day, this columnâ’s supposed to push real estate.

Thatâ’s also why, when it does crop up, Island Home is usually hanging out on a different list: Emoriland/Fairmont, North Hills, Forest Heights, and Island Home. Theyâ’re older neighborhoods of cool homes, to be sure, but they never really hit bottom with abandonment, absentee landlords, and disinvestment. They tend to be the yardstick by which things are measured, rather than the thing Iâ’m hoping to convince the reader measures up. As such, Island Home has turned up, alongside those other neighborhoods of similar age and style, in recent articles about a gothic revival in Chilhowie and a big brick bungalow on Park View.

Compared to the challenges facing some center-city neighborhoods, houses in Island Home practically sell themselves. Thatâ’s one reason I rarely write about themâ"they typically donâ’t stay on the market too long. And looking at this lovely house on Hillsboro, itâ’s easy to see why. With three-over-one Arts and Crafts-style windows that let in loads of light, itâ’s got big, bright rooms and lots of great touches like the breakfast nook and the built-in bookcases flanking the living room fireplace (duplicated in the master bedroom above). There are also lots of other original features like oak floors and solid two-panel doors. High on the hill above Island home, the large lot has mature trees and amazing views toward the riverâ"and all in a neighborhood thatâ’s so nice, you might not mind keeping it a secret.

2256 Hillsboro

2,518 sq. ft.

2 bdrm/2


Contact: Jessica Rodocker

Horizon Realty: 523-9550



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