Fourth and Gill Weathers the Storm

In today's tough housing market, it's nice to read a little good news every now and then. But, while the news that Holrob Residential plans to build a brand new home on Luttrell Street in Fourth and Gill was gratifying, it was by no means earth shattering— not even in the current market climate.

Not only has Fourth and Gill weathered the current crisis fairly well, the news of Holrob's pending groundbreaking wasn't without precedent. The rendering I saw of the George Barber-inspired home, penned by Brian Pittman—the architect better known for his work on downtown's Temple House—is certainly attractive (almost up to par with Pittman's breathtaking ink on plywood sketches of gothic cathedrals that once graced downtown's graffiti wall), but it's hardly the first new high-end house to be built in the neighborhood. In fact, it's not even Holrob's first Fourth and Gill project. Last year the company purchased a rundown home just around the corner. One of the last remaining eyesores along Luttrell, the place was totally renovated by Holrob and listed for over a quarter of a million dollars. Oh, and it sold pretty quickly, too, housing "crisis" be damned.

That Holrob has moved on to building a new house isn't all that surprising either. For one, houses in Fourth and Gill have been fetching a quarter of a million for awhile now, so it's easier to make the numbers work on new, market-rate construction. Second, that rundown house Holrob bought really was one of the last rundown houses in the neighborhood. While it may be famous for its fixer-uppers, they've become few and far between. Fourth and Gill is more of a turnkey market these days, catering to buyers who not only want finished houses close to downtown, but have the means to afford it.

The neighborhood's come so far along that true fixer-uppers are even getting hard to find on Fourth and Gill's fringes. Consider this story-and-a-half Craftsman on East Glenwood. Straddling that ill-defined divide between Fourth and Gill and the Brownlow section of Old North, it's a little off the beaten path, but that hasn't stopped it from being recently renovated. So, much like many of the grander homes you'll find along Luttrell, this bungalow's got a brand-new kitchen chock full of stainless steel and new baths loaded with custom tile. There are also hardwood floors throughout and three handsome, albeit non-functioning fireplaces with original mantels and original ironwork in two instances. m

217 E. Glenwood

4 bdrm/2 bath


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