Weiss Lightning at the Grill at Highlands Row

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

Weiss Lightning

The Grill at Highlands Row

4705 Old Kingston Pike, 851-7722


Prepared by Laura Musgrave


Junior Johnson's Original Moonshine

Pickle Juice

What makes it special?

Admittedly, this cocktail isn't for everyone; but if you love the dirty martini, have a fetish for dill, appreciate cucumber-infused vodkas, or drink like a Russian, this may be just the ticket. Like the dirty martini, it's a simple proposition: moonshine gets a good shake with ice and pickle juice. The drink is strained and served neat, and the result is a green-hued and potent cocktail that's surprisingly good.

The flavor of dill is so dominant that the sometimes angular and harsh flavor of corn liquor is hardly noticeable. And even though there's pickle juice, there's almost no sense of vinegar. The salty element makes a distinct but pleasant appearance in the drink's finish, yet ultimately it gives this cocktail a unique culinary application. The combination of dill and salt are always good taste partners with smoked salmon (and burgers, too), so it might be a fun brunch alternative to the Bloody Mary—it'll certainly wake you up.