Skinny Girl Strawberry Basil Splash at Seasons Bearden

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

Skinny Girl Strawberry Basil Splash

Seasons Bearden

5018 Kingston Pike


Prepared by Leslie Mower


Skinny Girl Bare Naked Vodka



Sprite Zero

What makes it special?

While the concept of the lite cocktail may confound some critical minds, this libation, drawn from a menu of equally skinny options, is a colorful and engaging concoction. Except for the notable flavor of the artificially flavored soft drink (which you may not notice if you're accustomed to the flavor), the pleasantly sweet tipple exudes the brilliant hues, aromas, and flavors of fresh strawberry. Basil is a lovely supporting player that brings additional freshness and sophistication to the aroma and finish of the otherwise exuberant dominance of the berries, which literally pervade the appearance and taste. The strawberries get muddled, so they float about prettily and give sweet pops of flavor as you sip—in this instance, the straw is an asset. This Splash may very well leave you humming, "Girls just wanna have fun."