The Simmons at Parkside Grill

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

Parkside Grill

338 N. Peters, 862-5358

Created by Bonnie Lotesto


Patron Silver Tequila

Fresh Lemon Juice

Mint Syrup




What makes it special?

This nectar is a balm to the tequila lover whose taste buds have been too long abused by cloying lime-flavored goop. It's a bright, crisp, and refreshing cocktail in which the supporting players frame the pop-star tequila's fruity and slightly floral qualities. It's also an excellent example of how the devil lives in the details: The glass is rimmed with a mix of honey and sugar that paves the way for Patron's own nascent honey flavors and acts as a perfect catalyst for the components to achieve a harmony that is both soothing and perky. Technically speaking, it's pretty damn yummy.