Roasted Apple Fashioned at Knox Mason

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

Roasted Apple Fashioned

Discovered At: Knox Mason (131 S. Gay St. 865-544-2004)

Mixed By: Robert Stevens


Roasted red apple


Orange bitters

Brown sugar

Weller 107 Bourbon

What makes it special?

Apples. It's all about the apples in this drink, which, naturally enough, taste like an apple—and a mighty fine one at that. Robert the barkeep draws a spoonful of apple from what looks like a little Mason jar—the apples are roasted and mashed, but not obliterated into sauce—and he muddles it with a little brown sugar and cherry. The apple flavor is ascendant and makes a beautiful pairing with the vanilla-scented Weller 107. Overall, the drink is smooth, not too sweet, and approachable for the novice, but it's also a nice, new interpretation for the jaded.