Pimms in the Garden at the Crown and Goose

Pimms in the Garden

The Crown and Goose

123 S. Central St. 524-2100


Prepared by Sarah Jenkins


Pimms #1







What Makes it Special: This is a well garnished drink; and the fruit salad that sits on the rim of the glass is not only fun, it's also eye-catching and would be a perfect match if you're clad in seersucker or gingham.

Fashion considerations aside, it's a classy, refreshing, and unusual cocktail that might be described as a lemonade with multiple personalities or a Gin-n-Juice with tickets to Wimbledon. Pimms—a gin-based British liqueur—brings a subtle but pleasant bite that folds into the drink and keeps it from becoming sappy.

The drink is refreshing and balanced with a mild and pleasant, fruit-driven sweetness that reflects the panoply of the garnish. The drink comes in waves of flavors; as your palate adjusts to the thought of lemonade, it may register strawberry, grapefruit, and a host of pleasant associations that result from the clever alchemy of matching Pimms with fresh versions of so many of its constituent ingredients.