The Opium Den at Armada Bar

The Opium Den

Armada Bar

116 S. Central, 240-4962

Created by Zachary Calfee


Mount Gay Black Label Rum

Fresh Lime Juice

Ginger, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar

Red Wine

Buzz Button

What Makes It Special?

There are many interesting experiences to be had at this new Old City bar, but few can be as mind- and mouth-altering as the Opium Den.

On the surface, it's an interesting mélange of Mount Gay Dark Rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, and spice that's finished with a layer of jammy red wine. At first sip, it tastes like a really nice but chilled mulled wine—mellow, mouth filling and surprisingly satisfying. But then, there's the buzz button.

The buzz button is a small dried flower that you chew after your first sip of the drink. In the moments following, your mouth starts to tingle and you may feel a slight body buzz. The flower alters your oral chemistry so that when you take a second sip of the cocktail, it's changed and now tastes like a light and absolutely paradisaical sangria. Wow.

Aside from the novel sensation, this is a well-crafted cocktail; the elements meld beautifully into one hell of a drink.