The Media Noche at drink.

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

The Media Noche

Discovered At: drink. (215 Brookview Centre Way, Suite 107, 558-9500)

Prepared By: Ashley Nieporte


• Matusalem Rum

• Dolce Nero Italian Espresso Liqueur

• Fresh Cream

What Makes It Special?

This riff on the White Russian gets a luxurious touch from cream that's sweetened and hand-shaken right there at the bar immediately before service. The unmistakably handmade result is neither frothy nor stiff, and creates a creamy topping that literally melts into the drink. One might imagine that it's the iced coffee drink served by a barista near St. Peter's Gate. The Media Noche is a perfect demonstration of why mixology matters and why carefully handcrafted cocktails merit indulgence; it's elegant, mild, and smooth—a perfect match for drink.'s urbane atmosphere.