Blueberry Caipirinha at The Orangery

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

Created & Mixed by Blake Parrish

The Orangery (5412 Kingston Pike)


Cachaça 51



Agave Nectar

What makes it special?

It's rare that a garnish can so completely capture both the soul of a cocktail and the eye of the beholder as it does in this libation. A skewer of fresh blueberries entwined by a twist of lime resting on the lip of the glass signals the fresh flavor and aroma of this bluish creation. Fresh berries and lime are muddled and sweetened with agave nectar—all of which make an appearance in the aroma, so breathe deeply. Cachaça, a product of Brazil, comes from fermented and distilled sugar cane and acts a little like rum when mixed. The Orangery's creation is not particularly sweet, which is a good thing—it showcases the flavors of the fruit while hints of the well-integrated spirit remind you that this isn't merely pretty fruit juice.