Bloody Bakon Martini at Sunspot

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

Bloody Bakon Martini


2200 Cumberland Avenue, 637-4663

Prepared by Tori McCammon


Bakon Vodka

Sunspot Bloody Mary Mix

Guinness Stout

Green Olive, Pickled Okra, Lime

What makes it special?

The Bloody Mary is a practical drink by design; and what it lacks in elegance it often makes up for in condiments. It's also a cocktail that gets an endless stream of updates—some unfortunate and few better than what the clever Sunspot barkeeps present.

The drink's aroma is immediately recognizable, though both smell and taste get an alluring bass note from the brilliant addition of Guinness. If you concentrate hard enough, you may pick up the stout's distinct flavor; otherwise you'll only notice the drink's rich texture and a pleasant roasted element that blends seamlessly into the mildly spicy tomato base and Bakon vodka.

The vodka itself isn't as weird as it sounds; it's not porky or greasy, instead it lends an appropriate smoky quality to this commendable cocktail. The garnish adds an edible and attractive architectural element to this drink that's both restorative and elegant whether as an upscale partner for brunch or a hearty start to a pleasurable evening.