Barrel-Aged Negroni at The Public House

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails

Barrel-Aged Negroni

Discovered At: The Public House (212 W. Magnolia Ave. 247-4344)

Created By: Laura Sohn and Danny Greene


• Gin

• Sweet Vermouth

• Campari

What Makes It Special?

On cursory glance, this could be any old-fashioned cocktail, but this Public House specialty is a thoughtful and creative option for both aperitif and digestif consideration. All of the liquid ingredients are poured into a small oak barrel and left there for a month. In that time the liquids marry, mellow, and change a bit as the barrel permits a gentle oxygen exchange and imparts a slight smokiness. When finished and served, this drink makes a great case for such care: The initial flavor recalls grapefruit and the gentle bite of good gin, but then the sweetness of the vermouth prevails and, finally, the bitterness of Campari—muted a bit by the barrel rest—offers a refreshing, uplifting finish. The citrus oil from an orange-slice garnish is delightful in its simplicity and a subtle contribution to this smooth and elegant libation.