Antebellum at Sapphire

An Ongoing Tour of Local Cocktails


Sapphire: A Modern Bar and Restaurant

428 S. Gay St.

Created by Amie Snyder


• Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

• Fernet Branca

• Orange

• Mint

• Confectioners' sugar

• Rosemary

What makes it special?

This drink features several components that define modern mixology—a top-quality spirit, a bitter element, and an herbal influence. Aromatically, it's refreshing: the simpatico scents of the rosemary and orange garnish feel like uplifting aromatherapy. The flavor is reminiscent of several drinks, including the Mint Julep and the Old Fashioned, but no single association pins this libation down—rosemary, orange, mint all flow in a sweet succession with mild underpinnings of Fernet Branca, a flavorful Italian Amaro. The bourbon—which, by the way, is a nice sipper—gets a good showing here and asserts itself in a blissfully mild fashion with complimentary flavors of honey, orange, and spice. It's a statuesque and distinguished drinkable accessory for the hands of both sexes.