Knoxville's Most Dangerous Burgers

If you're one of those people who equate red meat in burger form with the devil, stop reading now. This is not a safe place for you. Heck, it's not really a safe place for anyone, because these burgers are edible paeans of excess and certainly caloric overload. These local and intemperate burgers represent that most curious human frailty, adventurous debauchery: the drive to seek out the nth degree, the place where immoderation is shamelessly glorified.

Lipitor Burger at Bistro at the Bijou

On first glance it might look like a regular double-decker burger, but the wallop comes with the delicious extra helping of cholesterol.

2 8 oz. beef patties

4 slices of thick-cut bacon

6 slices of cheese

Zombie Burger at Latitude 35

This burger may add as much to your dry-cleaning bill as it does to your waistline. It's served open-faced, so you're better off wading through the zombie's gore with a knife and fork.

8 oz. Black Angus beef



Mixed cheese

Quesadilla Burger at The Outlook

The burger itself is pretty tame, but anything that comes sandwiched between two quesadillas can't be good for your body, even if it makes your spirit rejoice.

Black Angus or turkey burger

Sour cream


2 black bean-and-corn salsa quesadillas

Luther Burger at Pero's on the Hill

Stand back and be afraid. Chef Chandler Goff brought his insane creation from his Atlanta bar, Mulligans. It's just an innocent bacon cheeseburger until it lands in the middle of a split Krispy Kreme donut that serves as its bun before it pads yours.

1 8 oz. beef patty



Krispy Kreme donut