Egg Ingenuity: Some Inventive Knoxville Takes on That Breakfast Standard, Eggs

The egg, as we all know by now, is incredibly edible; it's also incredibly versatile, and so it's super nice to see so many plates of delicious creativity around town. Here are a few notable examples to tempt you to a tasty exploration of the many faces of the egg at brunch.

Frog in the Ditch

Cosmo's Caffé

Like its popular cousin Toad in the Hole, Frog in the Ditch is really an egg that's happily ensconced in the middle of a piece of sourdough bread. Where it differs is in the luxury of its topping: Cotswold cheese and sausage. Cotswold is a double Gloucester cheese that's blended with chives and spring onions, and it makes for an impressive and delectable partner in this smile-making creation.


Tomato Head

Named by a former employee who was inspired by a trip to the Oaxacan city of the same name, Zipolite is one of those all-you-need-to-eat beauties that make brunch the most important and sometimes only meal of the day. It's a twist on Huevos Rancheros in which scrambled local eggs rest on a bed of tender corn tortillas and incredible mole, which all gets topped with more good stuff: black beans, fresh spinach, roasted portobello mushrooms, and—where does the madness end?—finally the whole thing gets a dollop of salsa fresca and crema. How do they say oo-la-la in Oaxaca?

Poached Eggs Orangery

The Orangery

This dish figured prominently in the Orangery's original brunch some years ago. When the restaurant started up brunch again, Chef Amber Lloyd recreated the dish based on an oral description from long-time Orangery employee Jane Kendrick. Lightly toasted English muffins support seared artichoke bottoms and smoked salmon. The salmon is sustainably farmed and raised offshore before it gets to Chef Lloyd, who brines and smokes the fish in-house. Of course, the whole thing gets finished with the Orangery's classic Hollandaise.

Hammin' It Up Brunch Scrambler

Wild Wings Café

It seems fairly certain that anything that starts with mini potato pancakes is going to find favor in these parts. Wild Wings Café—a fun brunch spot if ever there were one—scrambles eggs and puts them atop those bites of potato goodness with a barrage of ham, bacon, and a creamy cheese sauce. Pick Southern biscuits or tortillas to go with it and you've got a very happy, if wild brunch.


Café 4

The frittata is a wonderful thing—part open-faced omelet, part casserole, part deep-dish pizza, it touches on so many special food recollections that it makes a glorious start to a weekend day. Café 4's incarnation features eggs combined with Andouille sausage, green peppers, and cheddar cheese. It's a spicy, fresh, and tasty version that stands up to the true test of a frittata: It's great hot from the oven and even better cold at home—if, that is, you have any leftovers.