What Would POTUS Drive?

GOP hopefuls and their wheels

While awaiting Super Tuesday, I wondered which GOP hopeful should be the choice of auto enthusiasts, especially those who prefer that the next POTUS (the acronym for President of the United States, for those who are politically challenged) buy American, not just talk about it.

According to WSJ.com, Rick Santorum's tax returns indicated that he and his wife have an Audi A6. Placed in service April 1, 2008, it shows up in later returns with the same in-service date, suggesting he still owns it. Does Mr. Santorum's support of U.S. manufacturing stop short of his own vehicle purchases?

In The Real Romney, Mitt Romney is said to own a number of cars. At Bain Capital, he drove a Chevy Caprice Classic despite his boys' wishes to buy a luxury car. When he did, Romney chose a BMW coupe. The Romneys also own a BMW convertible, and when he ran for governor, Romney's consultants made sure their BMWs remained out of sight. Romney in a European car was not what his advisers wanted in voters' minds, then or now.

These days, Romney mentions driving a Mustang, and that his wife has a couple of Cadillacs, the latter a gaffe that underscored their wealth. Conversely, In November 2008, Romney advocated letting Detroit go bankrupt in The New York Times, a sentiment he's since repeated except in Michigan before his primary win.

From ronpaulforums.com, I learned the Texas Congressman and physician drives a '96 Buick Le Sabre, as pedestrian a ride as there is. No one under 50 drives a Buick in this country, but ironically, the Chinese are buying new Buicks as a status symbol. Ron Paul's first set of wheels was a Nash Rambler, which was among the first cars to tout high MPG. Maybe that says who is the true conservative.

Last but not least, Newt Gingrich wheels about in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, according to parkplacetexas.com, the website for a Dallas Mercedes-Benz dealer. Just as Gingrich didn't run up a tab at any old Kay Jewelers (preferring to spend a six-figure bill at Tiffany's), Mr. Gingrich's car isn't an ordinary Mercedes: His S-Class is an AMG 65, a $210,000 sedan with a 612 HP bi-turbo engine handcrafted by Mercedes' performance division. No doubt whose car would win a race to the White House.

And for those of you who want to know what Barack Obama drove prior to becoming president, he had a Chrysler 300C. Made in Detroit.