A Knox On Wheels Reader Survey

Seeking some automotive insights from you (yes, you)

Five months into writing Knox On Wheels, I thought of all the companies that are caught up in the consumer experience trying to find out exactly what we all need and want. Realizing that outside of comments I've received about specific subjects contained in the column, few readers have said what type of vehicle or coverage of the automotive scene really sparks their ignition.

Rather than operate in the dark, I've decided to use a survey to better serve you, the Metro Pulse reader. As much as I'd like to think that you picked up this issue and others before it solely because of the appearance of an automotive column, I believe it was more likely that you were looking for a restaurant review or what musical group is coming to town, and to your surprise found Knox On Wheels.

Just as our editor from time to time utilizes various methods of ascertaining what readers want from the paper, I want to provide an automotive source that better suits Knoxvillians as a whole, and enthusiasts in particular. As with most surveys, I'd like altruism to be the reason for responding. However, I also have as an incentive an array of car-care products from Turtle Wax and Zymöl, which I will award to three respondents chosen at random.

Unlike other surveys, it's not necessary to give us your age, sex or place of residence. If you provide an e-mail address and you're one of the winners, I will e-mail you for an address where to send your booty. Fair enough? Let's get started:

E-mail your answers to the following questions in the order in which they appear. Simply number your answers and I'll do the tabulation and statistical analysis. On second thought, I'll give you the raw numbers and you can compare that to the Metro Pulse universe. My e-mail address is: spdnmotion@yahoo.com. Please respond no later than Tuesday, Nov. 29 to be included.

1. My favorite type of vehicle is (i.e., street rod, muscle car, sport compact, etc.)

2. I attend or watch on TV (drag races, NASCAR, off-road racing, car shows, auctions, etc.)

3. Of the automotive shows on TV, my interest is in (motorsports, how-to, celebrity car builds)

4. Knox On Wheels should review new vehicles (Yes or No)

5. Knox On Wheels should provide tech tips to save money (Yes or No)

6. I'd like to see more event coverage (Yes or No)

7. I'd like to read about new products, services and shops in the area (Yes or No)

8. There should be profiles of local shop owners and car builders (Yes or No)

9. Upcoming events need to be posted weeks or even months in advance (Yes or No)

Thank you for your time and participation!