Q&A: Comedian Brian Posehn is the Nerd You Instantly Recognize

You've definitely seen Brian Posehn. From the iconic Mr. Show to NBC's Just Shoot Me to numerous guest roles on sitcoms, his frank humor is key to his particular brand of comedy—and it's one that most of us can relate to. He's now a writer for Marvel's Deadpool, and on his new comedy album, The Fartist, he talks about nerd-dom, fatherhood, touring, and leaving marijuana behind. He'll be performing multiple shows this weekend at Side Splitters Comedy Club.

Did you have any geek-out moments at this years San Diego Comic-Con?

Yeah, the whole thing is one big geek-out moment. Working for Marvel and attending their panels and signings is totally surreal for me.

Besides writing the wisecracking anti-hero Deadpool, are there any other characters you'd love to write for?

I don't know. Deadpool is kind of the best fit for my sensibility. I would like to ruin Thor with my fart jokes. That would make some nerds mad.

What's it like creating a story for a comic vs. a comedy sketch or standup routine?

Totally different mindset. It is similar to writing a sitcom or movie, however, because you're still breaking a three-act structure. Comic books also require page breaks that keep the reader interested, and you help map out the visuals, which isn't required in TV and film scripts.

What can you tell me about your upcoming book with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk?

It's called Hollywood Says No and features two screenplays for sketch movies we wrote that no one will ever see because studio executives like movies they can make money off of. The scripts are, of course, brilliant.

What have you told your son about Star Wars?

We just watched The Empire Strikes Back yesterday. He loved it. I think I'll tell him Lucas only made the original trilogy a long time ago. And now Lucas is in heaven and we'll never have another Star Wars movie.

Recently, Dave Chappelle played at the Tennessee Theatre to an unruly, antagonistic audience. What's the best way to handle jerks in the audience?

Threaten them with violence. It works for me, sometimes. It's real important to put them in their place as quick as you can and then hope that security does the rest. So I go mean right away and make my point.

What's more metal: the warmth of a loving family or the satisfaction of a job well done?

Neither. Although I've been teaching my 4-year-old to love Black Sabbath, which is the most metal.

Brian Posehn • Side Splitters Comedy Club (9246 Park West Blvd.) • Thursday, Aug. 1-Saturday, Aug. 3 • $18-$20 • sidesplitterscomedy.com