Talent Show: Introducing Our New Columnists

For the past few months we've been running an open call for new contributors. This has resulted in an onslaught of submissions that has left my inbox dazed and sometimes confused. Although I'm still working my way through them all (I swear), we've started running several of the stand-outs—ideas that seemed to jibe well with Metro Pulse. So here's the new blood:

• A Living World by Eleanor Scott: This biweekly column is dedicated to examining Knoxville's forgotten (or underused) corners—the alleys, cow-paths, vacant lots and inspiring structures that make Knoxville a living place.

• Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady: Need some advice on how you should comport yourself in this modern society? The Pink Lady has your answer—plus a drink recipe to help the advice go down.

• Olive in Wonderville by Olive J. Keith: Each month, Olive shares her experiences as a single newcomer to the world of Knoxville. What strange, new things will she discover?

• What Makes You a Knoxvillian? by Lee Steenbergen: One of our former interns, Lee set up her camera on Market Square one weekend and shot portraits of passersby, asking them the title question. We'll be running these every other week.

• Thrift Store Finds by Anthony Nownes: Our fearless music archeologist digs through record bins at local secondhand shops and reviews LPs by long-forgotten artists. Are they unknown for good reasons, or should they be rediscovered?

• Chronicles of Knoxville Music: Once a month, the vault keepers at the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound will reveal one photograph from the annals of local music history.

• Showed Up by Eric Gebhart: Every week (for the most part), photographer Eric Gebhart captures the scene at a local concert with amazing performance shots and candid crowd images.

• Knox On Wheels by Jason R. Sakurai: Auto industry pro Jason Sakurai delves into the local car culture every other week, from street-rod modders to local dealers.

That's all for now. More on the way!