's 10 Most Viewed Stories

There are many ways to gauge the popularity of stories we publish: Percentage of issues picked up, number of Facebook "likes," how many people call or email or comment with complaints. On our website, however, there's the highly scientific Page Views Report, which neatly ranks our pages according to how many views each one has earned. Thus, here are the top-10 most-viewed stories we posted in 2013:

1. "Knoxville, About That Dave Chappelle Show..."

Yep, our most-viewed "story" was not actually written by us, but rather an open letter to Knoxville that hit a sizable nerve. When comedian Dave Chappelle came out of retirement and decided to add Knoxville to his list of cities for warm-up shows, it seemed like a comedy boon. But rowdy audiences ruined the shows for many fans, and maybe even for Chappelle. (Posted June 26.)

2. "What's ‘Historic'—And Who Says? Nine Practical Reasons To Save Old Buildings" by Jack Neely

As you'll see in Jack's column in this issue, he looks upon 2013 as a dreadful year for preservation in Knoxville. But he had actually started the year with a list of logical reasons for saving old buildings. The article became a rallying cry for preservation groups around the country that quoted from it and linked to it. (Posted Jan. 16.)

3. "‘Breaking Bad': The Most Overrated Show Ever" by Cari Wade Gervin

As the hugely popular cable drama Breaking Bad wound up with a grand finale, Cari took a look at its entire run and found the show's character development lacking. Such heretical thinking did not go over well with its fans around the country and their outrage runneth over. (Though it's worth noting that over 350 people "liked" it on Facebook, too, so maybe not everyone was completely invested in the show's perfection.) (Posted Sept. 25.)

4. "Let's Brunch: A Guide to Knoxville Brunches"

Knoxville has experienced a brunch explosion lately, and it was our civic duty to try and keep track of the options for you. We'll update it, ah, soon. (Posted March 4.)

5. "Going Caveman: Will Crossfit Training, a Paleo Diet, and Minimalist Running Make You Prehistoric-Strong—Or Just Worn Out?" by Matthew Everett

Matthew kicked his own ass attempting to follow the newest trends in fitness, though we've always thought he's slightly Cro-Magnon to begin with. (Posted April 10.)

6. "Donna Tartt Finally Returns With the Brilliant, Frustrating ‘The Goldfinch'" by Cari Wade Gervin

The writer behind The Secret History released her first novel in 11 years, and Cari found the Dickensian effort to be her "best work yet." (Posted Nov. 13.)

7. "‘Draw!' The Smoky Mountain Shootist Society Brings an Entirely Different Sort of Re-Enactment to East Tennessee" by Jack Neely

Forget the Civil War reenactments—these people like to dress up as cowboys/girls and shoot stuff. David Luttrell's photos made you smell the gunsmoke. (Posted May 29.)

8. "Swept Under the Carpet?: UT Custodians Allege Harassment, Retaliatory Transfers, and More" by Cari Wade Gervin

Cari's look at the labor relations between the University of Tennessee and its custodians revealed a lot of worker dissatisfaction. (Posted April 30.)

9. "The Case Against Pilot: Behind the Accusations of Fraud at Pilot Flying J" by Cari Wade Gervin

This was certainly one of the biggest stories of the year in Knoxville, and Cari's deep dive into the court documents walked readers through the whole sordid, real-life drama. (Posted April 24.)

10. "The War on Teachers 2: Teachers Revolt!" by Cari Wade Gervin

Although we may have indulged in a bit of hyperbole in the headline, the pushback by Knox County teachers against the sweeping changes in how they teach and how they are evaluated was unprecedented. Cari's story went into far more depth than any other coverage into the specifics of why teachers have been so upset. (Posted Nov. 20.)