Metro Pulse Wins Some Golden Press Card Awards

At the Golden Press Card Awards, conducted by the East Tennessee Society of Professional Journalists, Metro Pulse squeezed out a few wins in competition with "large" circulation (over 25,000) daily newspapers for stories published in 2011:

Sports Reporting, Award of Merit (second place): "The Race That Eats Its Young," Matthew Everett's look at the Barkley Marathons

Feature Writing, Honorable Mention: "The Newspaperman" Jack Neely's profile of the late columnist Jim Dykes

Columns, Award of Excellence (first place): "All Foods Considered" by Rose Kennedy

Columns, Third Place: "Secret History" by Jack Neely

Reviews/Criticism, Award of Excellence: "Pulp," Cari Wade Gervin's book reviews

Reviews/Criticism, Award of Merit: "Movies," Coury Turczyn's movie reviews (Can anyone think of a clever, new name for our movie review column?)

Informational Graphic, Third Place: "Who Should I Vote For?" by Cari Wade Gervin and Travis Gray

Art Illustration, Third Place: "Does Knoxville Dream of Electric Cars?" by Tyler Garrison

Art Illustration, Award of Merit: "Eat Here Now" by Beth Meadows

Editorial Cartoons, Honorable Mention: "Drug Tested" by Elizabeth Bricquet

Editorial Cartoons, Award of Merit: "Sanctioned Bigotry" by Elizabeth Bricquet