In-House Kudos: Some Scripps Awards

Last week, the E.W. Scripps Company (our corporate overlord) announced the winners in the third-quarter Best of Scripps contest, and we picked up couple of awards in the small paper category. Here are comments from Jane Amari, former editor and publisher of the Arizona Daily Star, who judged the entries:

Feature Writing: "What Does Bill Haslam Want?" by Jesse Fox Mayshark

"Mayshark's profile of Mayor Bill Haslam, running for governor was masterfully written. This is a tale of an enormously wealthy family, but one where the younger son is still something of a cipher. Mayshark talks to friends and relatives and the portrait that emerges is of a genuinely nice guy, but not the business brains of his family. In the end, exactly what kind of governor Haslam will make remains something of an enigma. Excellent profile."

Commentary: Secret History by Jack Neely

"I'm a sucker for a good history column, and this is a good column. Neely takes well-known people and places in Knoxville and gives you the story behind the story. This column boasts a lot of very good reporting. I don't know Knoxville, but even I was fascinated with the life of John Sevier, and Knoxville's ties to Eat, Pray, Love.