Karma Yoga at the Glowing Body

Or: Best Way to Keep Your Karma Intact (At Very Low Cost)

When times are turbulent, it pays to spend a little time connecting to that part of yourself that can never be buffeted about by bad news, declining incomes, foreclosures, job losses, dwindling prospects, or any other circumstances a bad economy might deal you. These conditions suck, it's true, but they are only temporary—and it's best not to get to attached or averse to them. Your eternal true Self—or atman— is above and beyond the fray. Too esoteric for you? Fine. Think of it as your "happy place." Either way, you can connect with it every Sunday afternoon in the 1 p.m. donation-based karma yoga class at the Glowing Body. Teacher Kimberly Lomonaco focuses on fusing movement, breath, and intention to create a practice that is a challenging and rewarding reminder that life is always exactly what you make of it, come what may. Pay as much (or as little) as you can afford—maybe a bit more when you're feeling flush, a bit less when times are tight. It's your karma (hence, the name).