Arm Yourself At All Times

Or: Best Way to Protect Yourself When Society Inevitably Collapses, According to Tennessee State Legislators

Tennessee's unemployment rate is approaching 10 percent and continuing to climb, people are losing their homes in bigger numbers than ever, and cigarettes just went up to $5 per pack.

End times are upon us.

The world could descend into chaos at any moment, and you, the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit holder, better be prepared when it does, wherever you are: Classroom, campus building, local park, state park, national park, wildlife preserve, bar, government building, child's baptism. And you should damn well be able to protect yourself and your family after martial law has been declared, even if giving you that right essentially renders martial law meaningless.

So thank the spirits of kindness and charity for our elected officials in Nashville, doing their part for you, the Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit holder.

After all, they know you can be trusted. You took an eight-hour safety course.