Best Local Twitter Page: AC_Ent

Best Local Twitter Page Runners-Up: KnoxAnimal, metropulse, MoxCar

A year ago, Twitter was a bunch of people offering tiny little updates about their mood, where they were going to dinner, who they saw there, and what they were watching on TV after that. It's gotten a little less personal as for-profit operations have horned in on the mind-blowingly popular and insanely addictive microblog. AC Entertainment's Paige Travis (a former MP A&E editor) manages to keep her company's Twitter feed interesting by interspersing wry personal observations ("hates how it LOOKS warm outside but isn't. Cruel spring!") in among the concert announcements and business reminders. She even makes those engaging by posting links to videos, posting directly from Sundown in the City, and letting her inner fangirl run loose. (See her posts about David Sedaris before his appearance at the Tennessee Theatre in mid-April.) (M.E.)