Best Tattoo Parlor: Saint Tattoo

Runners Up: Alter Ego Tattoo & Body Piercing, Mythical Markings Tattoo Studio, Pay N Dues Tattoo

Like most cities in the U.S., Knoxville has no shortage of tattoo shops and concurrently has the inked residents to prove it. This has made the six-time winner of Best Tattoo Parlor, Saint Tattoo, local royalty. Those serious about the age-old practice of body decoration travel to the little hodgepodge house at 1020 North Broadway. Saint Tattoo employs a quartet of artists with a combined 46 years of experience and who are equipped with the latest in tattooing technology. Add to this a highly reputable piercing practice and an accommodating and knowledgeable staff, and you've got yourself the best tattoo shop in town.

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