Best Liquor Store: Bob's Package Store

Runners Up: Ashe's Wine & Spirits, Downtown Wine & Spirits, Toddy's Package Store

In an age of sophisticated boozing, there's something endearingly unpretentious about Bob's Package Store. Its name bespeaks its age; when Bob Gilbertson moved his liquor parlor to West Knoxville in 1972, state law still required all wines and spirits to be carted out in plain brown wrapping. Much has changed since then, including Bob's itself, which now sprawls across the entirety of what used to be a small strip plaza. Wines, which occupied a single shelf in the old days, take up half the store and account for more than half its sales. And the customer base has expanded apace; Roger Killen, Bob's wine manager, says it is the third-busiest liquor store in the state, by volume.