Best Yoga Studio: The Glowing Body

Best Yoga Studio Runners-Up: Mind Body Kinetics, YMCA, Yoga Haven

Knoxville has long been wanting for a true destination yoga studio. Last year we got one, and what a dilly. The Glowing Body rivals the best studios in New York, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area in terms of eco-chic fabulousness. It's designy, yet inviting; clean and open, yet somehow also intimate and comfy. It's beautiful to behold and fun to hang out in. And since owner Hollis Church never does anything halfway, it is incredibly well equipped with every sort of yoga prop imaginable—the bamboo ropes wall is to die for. Factor in a splendiferous energy foods and juice bar (raw chocolate, people!), and it's truly a mecca for the health conscious and yoga inclined. It's a treasure. Get down there now and start stretching your hamstrings, sipping a carrot juice smoothie, and aligning your chakras. Who knows? You might just open your mind right along with your body.