Best In-Store Pet: Butch, at The Board Room

Best In-Store Pet Runners-Up: Henry at Lost and Found Records, Napoleon at Nostalgia, Valentine or Collette at Vagabondia

This dog's on the fast track—only a year old in April, he's in already in charge of public relations at The Board Room in Bearden. Not to say he hasn't earned it. Since store owner Nathan Phillips hired Butch just five months ago, he's never missed a day at the store, showing up six days a week and going home with Phillips' wife at 6 p.m. to hang out with his stepbrothers: another boxer, a Great Dane, and a miniature schnauzer. "I wouldn't say he's rescued, just adopted," says Phillips, who took the dog from a friend of a friend who had to keep him in a kennel and couldn't offer him enough activity. At The Board Room, he's got free roam of the store and wears a collar custom-made from a piece of Nomis belt. "It's pretty expensive, pretty style-y, very fashion forward," says Phillips. Butch is a greeter dog, and has been known to close a sale. "He likes women and he's a charmer," says his adoptive owner. "But he's a bit skittish at first. He's stubborn, everything's got to be on his terms. He likes repeat customers best."

Though Butch can jump for a rope ball and turn a 180 in the air, he doesn't use any of the skate, surf, or ski boards available at the store—yet. "We've tried him out with a skateboard with some carpet on it, and he just grabs it and shakes the living daylights out of it."