Best Furniture Store: Bliss Home

Best Furniture Store Runners-Up: Abode, Braden's Fine Furniture & Interiors, Knoxville Wholesale Furniture

Okay, so the days of opulent mega-mansions, luxury decor, and 24/7 extreme makeovers might well be behind us. (Bye-bye, shelter porn.) Still, everyone wants to feel at home in their house—no matter how huge or how humble. Everyone wants to feel comfortable, happy, and inspired in their surroundings. Everyone wants to feel—dare we say it?—fabulous. Bliss Home took this category easily because it specializes in just that: affordable fabulousness. There's nothing too chi-chi or overtly up-market here, nothing fussy or overly fancy. But everything on offer is of good taste and even better quality. The look is what store manager Jeff Heiskell calls "eclectic contemporary rustic"—which is his way of saying there's something here to suit everyone. Many of the offerings are constructed with sustainably harvested woods and recycled materials, and finished with natural fabrics and dyes. Most everything is made in the United States, and that which comes from outside the borders tends to be fair-trade fare. So you can feel good about feathering your nest—you're stimulating the economy in all the right ways. (Word to the wise: When you see something you like, jump on it. Bliss Home specializes in original regional art and one-of-a-kind pieces. Need a coffee table made from an old rail car? They have one. Need a mango wood slab dining table? They have that, too. Until someone snatches it out from under your nose. If you gotta have it, you gotta have it right now.)

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